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Public Works

At EagleLIFT we provide expert knowledge for many different types of Public Works projects for all of Nevada, California, and Arizona.


EagleLIFT helps clients of California, Arizona and Nevada with all types of structural repairs, foundation repairs, slab repair, void filling etc…

Foundation Lifting & Leveling by EagleLIFT

EagleLIFT is a renowned and respected foundation solutions company, specializing in foundation repair, infrastructure leveling, and concrete lifting in the states of California, Arizona and Nevada. EagleLIFT’s years of experience working on commercial and residential projects has developed a reputation for delivering on modern engineering solutions to common foundation repair, crawl space, and soil stabilization problems.

We are a team of skilled engineers, contractors, and hard working folks concentrating on roadway and railway repair. For over 15 years, we have led the industry in innovative approaches to foundation restoration and slab repair.

EagleLIFT is a service-oriented company serving all of California, Arizona, and Nevada that focuses on providing cost effective solutions for all types of commercial, industrial, residential, municipal & government sectors.

This online resource is here to provide you with an education on our roadway and railway repair services, how we can help you, how you can contact us to answer your questions, and how you can get a free estimate for your repairs or upcoming projects.

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  • I just want to let you know what a fantastic job David and Andrew from EagleLIFT did on my home this week.  I had a serious foundation problem with one corner of my house, settled approximately 6 1/2 inches.  David and his crew came in and were able to re-level the house the full 6 1/2 inches.  There was only minor cosmetic damage that can easily be fixed.  The crew was courteous, clean, and worked very hard to make the process perfect.  Highly recommended.  Thanks again David.

    - Paul S

  • David, Manny, Paul and Jesus were working at my house for almost two weeks.  They worked very well as a team……….polite, friendly, well mannered, professional, and hard working.  David the Foreman took me through every phase of the work…….. explaining and educating.  I felt at the end of the job I understood everything that was accomplished and confident that it was done right!  Thanks Guys  Job well done!!

    - Catherine H

  • I would like to thank David Ferris and his crew for doing such a great job. They explained every step to me, were courteous and cleaned up everything afterward. I now feel I have solid footing under me. Thank you, guys. Anna

    - Anna B

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